Door County has many great rainy day activities! Here are three ideas for you.


For this blogger, there is nothing like observing the sheer majestic force of nature when watching a rain storm roll in off the bay from any dock or marina on the Green Bay side of Door County. The puffy clouds. The far off thunder. All leading to the eventual downpour. We’ve had a few days like that this week and they are not as beloved by vacationers in Door County, here for a limited time. Take heart. If you are not a storm watcher here are 3 ideas for interesting things to do in a Door County rainstorm. (Come winter, we’ll cover snow too.)

1) Hands On Art Studio
From Kathy at Westwood Shores:

Recently my son decided for his birthday, he wanted to go to Hands on Art Studio in Fish Creek.  So we headed there and we had so much fun.  We had been there about five years ago and forgot how much fun it was.  Read More…

2) Bowling
Indulge your love of this family-friendly game in Sturgeon Bay and Sister Bay. Sturgeon Bay has two locations for bowling, Cherry Lanes and Apple Valley Lanes. Cherry Lanes is also a popular music venue once nighttime rolls around. Earl and Rita Willems tore down an old dance hall in Sister Bay in 1958 and built the Sister Bay Bowl. The Bowl opens at 11:30 daily and the cost of bowling is $3.00 per person (all ages) and includes ball and shoes. 

3) Tasting
It’s no secret that part of Door County’s draw is the variety of regional specialty foods. So when the rain is coming down take the tasting tour of Door County’s many farm markets. Start by downloading a map courtesy of the Door County Visitor Bureau. Sample goodies from the fruits of the orchards along with the perennial farm market favorite – homemade fudge. Door County markets include Cherry Lane Orchards, Maplewaupee, Grandma Tommy’s, Choice Orchards, Orchard Country, Wood Orchard, The Cherry Hut, Koepsel’s Farm Market and Seaquist Orchards.

There you have it. Three ideas for your rainy day entertainment in Door County.

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